Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Bad Effect of Poor Economy

As the economy has yet to show any signs of real recovery, there are numerous after shocks that have been trickling down into the family law arena that were not anticipated. One of the effects is an alleged rise in domestic violence. Recently I read an article about the rise of domestic violence as a result of the stresses that come with bad housing markets, high unemployment rates and the dissipation of assets by virtue of the plunging stock market. While I'm not sure that there is 100%correlation to the bad economy and rising domestic violence cases, I do believe that stress can have an impact on how people deal with difficult situations and children. If you are currently in a situation where domestic violence is threatened, or has occurred, I urge you to seek help. If you live in Orange County, Florida please contact Harbour House at (407) 886-2856.

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Allison Schreiber Lee said...

I commend you on reaching out to victims of domestic violence. It's never too late to try to change your life.