Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Do, For the 23rd Time.

There is a woman in Indiana who holds the Guinness World Record as the most married woman and she recently wed for the 23rd time. Its reported that she have married so many man that she can't remember them in order, the longest marriage lasting 7 years and the shortest one lasting 36 hours. I am flabbergasted by this, for many different reasons, the most important reason being, why continue to get married if you have no intention of making the marriage work? The most I've known someone, client or otherwise, to be married was 6 times, and I thought that was an unbelievable amount of times to be married. 23 marriages is definitely something for the tabloid papers and for all of us to say, WOW.


Piper and Turner said...

Well, I must agree, that is the most marriages I've ever seen and I've been a family law attorney for a long time! I wonder how much she has spent on weddings!?!?

Piper & Turner, Attorneys at Law

family law said...

Is this really true? Why doesn't someone point out to this women or at least her future husbands the costs and stupid nature of whats involved.