Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stress of Divorce

There was a story that hit the papers a few weeks ago about a man who shot his ex-wife and her family and then committed suicide. He was a churchgoing man, and every article on the Internet had statements from people in the community who knew him and stated that they had no idea who that man was, that the man they knew was gentle and would not hurt anyone. Divorce is extremely stressful, and the fall out after the divorce can be even more stressful if you don't take control of your life and take care of your emotional well being. Do not under estimate the toll that divorce can take on your emotions, don't be scared to ask for help, and surround yourself with a support system that will help you through tough times. Yes, divorce can be rough, but you can get through it. If you are harboring unresolved anger or feelings of violence towards your soon to be ex, I suggest that you seek the professional help that you need in order to let go of that anger. There are plenty of support groups and mental health professionals out there who can help, just don't be afraid to ask for it.

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