Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Divorce Rates Remain High for Baby Boomers

Some studies have shown that divorce rates have started to decline, however, it appears that divorce for Baby Boomers remains high. The Baby Boomers were the first to start the divorce boom and that trend has not stopped. There are many theories over why people divorce late in life, whether people who divorce late in life are likely to remarry, and the affect that divorce has on adult children. The following article is an interesting discussion on all of these issues and the trend of Baby Boomer divorce.


Anonymous said...

I think that people divorce later in life because all of sudden women have more rights and can support themselves now. When these people were married, the end all, be all for women was marriage.

Now, women work and many don't even marry. There's more options for women. My grandmother divorced just recently from my grandfather.

They did it amicably from an online company, But, she was just ready to be free.


Arthur said...

To the above poster...I'm sorry but I would have to disagree with your opinion that higher divorce rates are proportionate to the amount of rights given to women. I am actually a divorce attorney in Lakeland Florida so I see numerous couples each week who are undergoing divorce proceedings. I honestly think that the most dominating effect of the increase in divorce rates comes from societal influence. In this day and age, divorce is more than just a common occurrence. I truly feel that because the overwhelming majority of the public opinion considers divorce to be an acceptable practice, people feel more inclined to follow through with such proceedings. That's just my opinion anyways. Thanks for letting me share.