Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Florida Parenting Course

One of the requirements to get a divorce here in Florida, if you have children, is to complete a parenting course. The goal of the course is to provide people with helpful information and advice on coping with visitation and parenting problems that sometimes arise after a couple decides to divorce. I often times wonder how useful this parenting course is and whether or not the parties actually gain any knowledge from the course. From time to time, a Judge will ask one of my clients whether they thought that the course was useful, and my clients always say yes. I'm not sure whether this is because they are afraid to tell a Judge that they don't think the course is useful, or whether they actually believe that the course provide them with some insight. For anyone who has taken the mandatory Florida parenting course, please let me know whether you found the course useful and that it should continued to be required in order to obtain a Final Judgment of Dissolution of Marriage.


Anonymous said...

If you need a good parenting class, you should really check out the Online Parenting Course. It was court-approved and it really helped me to become a better parent.

Anonymous said...

I took the parenting course in September 2005. It did help me to recognize that my animosity toward my child's father was damaging to my daughter, and to actively work toward having a civil, cooperative parenting relationship with him. I also had my entire family read the workbook I got from the class and work on not being mad at him anymore either. I am proud to say that through hard work, we all now get along well with my daughter's father. You can choose to be gracious and civilized. You can choose not to make everything a battle. That course really helped me. My daughter is 11 now and she is thriving. I would encourage anyone to take that class. When I am feeling frustrated with my daughter's father, I read that workbook again for healthy reminders on how to act properly (smiles).