Monday, December 17, 2007

Better To Be Safe

The following story is really disturbing and something that I feel I must speak about. Unfortunately, there are many people who are victims of domestic violence and are fearful that their spouse or significant other is capable of doing them bodily harm. I hear from a lot of my clients who are fearful, some of it justified, some of it not. However, when I hear of certain behaviors that I believe to be dangerous or odd enough that it gives me the suspicion that someone is not thinking rationally and is capable of causing bodily harm, even if it hasn't happened in the past, I not only encourage my clients to attempt to obtain an injunction, I give them no choice. Some people don't want to file injunctions because they don't want to cause conflict, or fear that it will make the situation worst, but the reality is that injunctions are there to help protect you, and if you have valid reasons to fear for your safety, you should not hesitate to get an injunction for protection, or at the very least call the police if you are threatened. Do not be another statistic.

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